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Sleeping, Excessive Sleeping, Snoring

Sleeping, Excessive Sleeping, Snoringread more articles on woman's health

We did a search of scientific findings in the following publications:

Pneumologie (German)
Ortho (French)
Am Fam. Physician
Journal of Applied Physiology
Clinical Neuroscience
European Arch. Otolaryngol
Minerva Pediatrics
NNO (German)
Cranio (Japan)
Arch. of Bronchoneumol. (Spain)
Amer. J. of Respir. & Critical Care Med.

One report about snoring mentions "continuous positive airway pressure, tracheotomy and tonsillectomy." The first can be achieved by the use of an "anti-snoring" device, which is a simple plastic clip on the nose.

Another says that sleep apnea 'falling asleep during the day] may be a symptom of sleep-disordered breathing. Another associates it with obesity.

Of sleep apnea, one warns that "The most common complication was heart disease."

Of snoring--One study suggests you have your chest examined and blood pressure taken. It also mentions the nose clip, which is used during sleeping.

Another mentions the connection between low thyroid production and sleep apnea. If so, one could change to the use of iodized salt rather than plain. Kelp (sea weed) is particularly rich in iodine, with 150 micrograms per small tablet, a non-toxic dose.

One report observes the use of oxygen therapy and says that it causes significant side effects.
Two reports about snoring mention a "mandibular advancement device," which apparently is custom-made for your mouth by a dentist.

One study notes the use of pharyngoscopy for diagnosis of sleep apnea and snoring. It says the examination is simple, safe, and effective.

DETAILS: Nose clips are available for about $5.00 at drug stores.


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