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Alternative Health Articles White Tea May Reduce Fat in the Body  Testimonials to our web site and "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Kill You" sent in by satisfied readers.  Alternative Health Articles White Tea May Reduce Fat in the Body

 Hi Bill
I totally agree with you when you said doctors do not spend the time learning. I wanted my doctor to go to the seminar with the doctor who invented gleevec and he said he does not need to because he knows everything!!! When I was first diagnosed I asked the first doctor I went to to go with me to one of the Leukemia meeting. Sometimes there are doctors present at some of the meetings. And he would not go. He said he learned it all in college and he take continuing courses. Amazing...I go to Leukemia meetings in Dade, West Broward and North Broward. The LLS which is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society sponsor the meetings. I will get your book right now!   
Have a nice evening     Alternative Health Articles White Tea May Reduce Fat in the Body

Dear Bill,  GREAT information. I don't think I'm bi-polar but my depression (which is half of bi-polar) is pretty bad.  I will get the NAC and the melatonin has been working. Again, thanks.  You and your research are live savers in my life.  Joy

Your article about the onion leaves as an alternative really interest me, planted the onion and the leaves just came out.   Kind Regards Marcques

I have spent 'hours!' in your site studying and learning ... thank you!  B. Sears, Ph.D. and "A Week In The Zone."

Excellent sight for up to date medical discoveries that the hard working doctors don't know about until many months later after discovery, or not at all. Your web site and information is most important to those who care to understand how look after oneself.   William B, British Columbia Canada

We are purchasing your book and to tell you the truth, I have researched and know much about alternative health. I wanted to give support for this truthful and informative sight. I cannot tell you how much the truth means to me.  S.K.

Thank you so very much? You may not be able to tell me what you would do but your suggestions were right on. Not even my doctor yesterday would help me out. Thanks again. Wish I could put more doctors in a box and pound on it for answers. M. H.

One of the most informative sites. You? have helped me so much. H. K.

Outstanding source. Today, one must be responsible for health-care decisions, in concert with physicians and specialists--if you can find one you can trust.  You are a wonderful breath of fresh air. M. J. A.--healthy, job-holding, WW2 vet.

This website has proven to be very helpful to me. Thanks for the many topics you are covering. I find the information very useful. L. S.

I really just wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your site. I have been researching thyroid, depression etc for the last few days and yours is by far the best site - easiest to navigate, straightforward and food for health is a real plus. Thanks so much. I'll be back tomorrow and I will be referring family members to you. P. N.

 I found your site through happenstance as I sought information on the spice Cinnamon, as it relates to blood sugar; and what a fortunate find your site is. After I sent you the email, I found information I had been seeking. More importantly I found so much more. Truly a treasure-chest of information. When I say Thank You, there is much heartfelt appreciation.

After being diagnosed of Type 2 Diabetes, I had the feeling I was going to die the next day. I rejected that feeling, and it is then that I went into hyper-learn mode.

I already subscribed to the WebMD and Dr. Weil newsletters. After the diagnosis, I searched specifically for information on this new challenge, and found a number of information based sites, including that of a nurse who sends information daily about various aspects of diabetes (exercise, diet, etc.). Finding your site, devoid of advertisements, or pronouncements for or against commercial products was for me, "outstanding".

I have already listed it under "My Favorites", so I can come back daily. It is amazing to me that your site offers so much. The information you provide will become a main weapon in my arsenal against the ravages of aging, as well as specific health issues as they arise. I have long felt that natural solutions which attack the cause is more important than pharmaceuticals that attack only the symptoms. Your site is, for me, an answer to prayer.

Thank you, again. S. B. G.

After spending several hours reading different articles, I would have to say that on balance your articles are referenced so that one can find the original research article. The information when taken in conjunction with all other information offered on a topic generally provided actionable value for the reader. I will recommend the site to others. J. E.

The information is excellent. Your site provides very relevant data and it covers a wide range of topics. I have recommended your website to several people. Thank you for providing access to research on such an important area. P. J.

The .....'name of natural substance omitted]  has really helped her a lot. She still has delusions, but it got rid of nearly all of her hallucinations 'she had Addison's Disease.] She seems more like the girl I knew two years ago. Thanks for following up. You guys are great! I would never have thought someone over the internet would have cared so much. B.K.

You provide a valuable website. Thank you. D.

I was very happy to find this site and have bookmarked it. D.

I like your site so much I forgot to cook dinner. M.

Thank you so much for this website--I utterly support what you are doing with this. You are promoting freedom and knowledge and wisdom. I am so grateful to all who do this work!  Good resource. D. K.

I have just spent over two hours on your site. I didn't intend to - but I have definitely enjoyed my visit. Thank you, Peggy.

I am stunned by your offer to help me, and without charge. This is so rare on the web. B. T.


You guys are straight up, can't get any better than that. Thank you very much. P.

Extremely informative. L. E.

LOVE your website as an alternative to prescriptions. I want to live as un-medicated as possible and I liked your other avenues to try.

Thank you. It has increased my knowledge.

I must say I was quite taken aback when I received your follow up email, and quite impressed. I did not expect to be more than a "question to answer", much less someone you would follow up with. Again thank you for the information you gave me to allow me to correct my problem, and thank you for the follow up.
Excellent and informative. Dr. S.

Cool site thanks for your help.

Thank you for all your help. It seems you people do your job well.

I had gone to 'webmd' in the past for information and found it to be overly diagnostic, rather than your 'informational' approach to good health.

I have passed your website address and discussed your book with my relatives. Your sincere efforts with very high quality information available at your web site truly deserve attention and support.

This site is quite amazing. The plethora of information is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner with concise and easy to follow directions and references where necessary. Well done--keep up the good work.

You have created a superb site - extremely informative and and very well-done. Thank you for sharing that me with me.

Thanks for your information and interest. I have printed out your entire email and will give the information consideration in trying to overcome the discomfort I am experiencing. I do feel better already but am not completely recovered. Thanks again for your interest and information.

Your web site is great; I have to spend more time looking at it. You must spend a very great amount of time building such an extensive amount of information.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly. You have put my mind at ease.

You answered my questions. Thank you. I appreciate your kindness.

Good and knowledgeable site...thanks!

I will make a habit of coming to your site as often as I can. I really like the information and impartiality. You have an excellent site chocked full of wonderful information!

By far the most impressive thing about this site is the fact you don't accept everything (as most "buy more pills" sites do) but don't reject if not in medical textbooks. Well done!

It is a very good site . Very informative. Keep it up!

"I really like the information and impartiality. You have an excellent site chocked full of wonderful information! I will make a habit of coming to your site as often as I can."

You are doing a good job! Keep it up!!

God bless you, for the job you are doing here! Thanks again. I'll be checking '] often, I'm sure.

Your book was really helpful. I've been taking the vitamins and supplements you've recommended in your book and I'm doing well since the time I got hold of your book. No colds, no flu, even my headache is very much under control.

My brother-in law who visits me frequently at home picked up your book and started reading it out of curiosity, though I've urged him to do it many time before. He's an asthmatic patient. He too, started on the vitamins supplements and the food that you've recommended in your book. He said that he's feeling much better now.

Great information backed with studies.

Great job of telling the truth. Please keep it up!

Thank you for the great site. It has tons of info that can greatly benefit me. Tons of info on the heart and vitamins.....Thank you...

I really enjoyed visiting here. I made it one of my favorites and I have e-mailed it to two of my friends. I have been diagnosed with heart trouble and I am looking for a better and healthier way to live...Thank you for creating this site...

Yours IS the kind of site I like to read in regard to my research of 20 years about "anti-aging." I am a college professor, now disabled, but still wishing to live longer and share that information with the public via seminars.

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart's] that you are so much concerned with this 'child]. The family in 'country name omitted] cannot believe that you are so concerned about this case and we are all very, very touched.

I have purchased several copies of the book "WHAT YOUR DOCTOR DOESN'T KNOW CAN KILL YOU" from the Health Bulletin web site, for myself, relatives and friends.

This book is very timely and written in such a manner as to give the reader a full understanding of the facts. Also, the sequence in which the facts are presented makes the book a joy to read, and allows the reader to fully understand the subject.

Although the subject matter is quite technical, if presented otherwise it would lose a lot of the meaning to the average reader. If readers would give a little thought to the contents of this book, they would readily understand the deep commitment that has gone into the writing.

In closing I would like to comment that I have been a patron of alternative medicine for many years. This book fills a gap in this area of knowledge. May I congratulate you on a job well done.

C.M., Boise, Idaho

"The suggestions in your book ended my asthma." JM, Tennessee

Not so many people in United States can do what you are doing! I still cannot figure it out why you are spending that much time on me!!! We came to the US 11 years ago with 1 suitcase per person (government stripped us out). We work hard to live a decent life in this country, but still have not enough to pay for medical help. I have a nice insurance because I work in a school, but I?m the only one who works in my family... Thanks for your help. I hope you will be rewarded from my Father who is a King in the Heaven, and very rich!  Sincerely, Nelli N.Y.


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