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Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and nutrients:

A Food For Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Allergies and Irregular Heartbeat. Really?

Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and nutrients:Alternative Treatment for Cirrhosis? 

Alzheimer's & Cancer Vs. Green Tea 

Breast Cancer and Green Tea

Can Nutrients Treat Alzheimer's?

Carnosine and Extending Healthful Life

Copper Aids Body's Tumor-Suppression

Copper--Too Much Is Toxic 

Coral Calcium--The New Scam?

Coral Calcium Update--A Seller Responds

Cystic Fibrosis Help


Foods to Stop Unwanted Cell Death

Green Tea as Alternative Medicine for Bone Health

Green Tea in Alternative Health

Green Tea is Helpful Against Cancer, Pepper May Make it Better

Green Tea or a Drug for Multiple Sclerosis?

Green Tea, the REAL health miracle!

Green Tea vs. Cancer Plus

Ginger and Other Spices Against Disease 

Ginger and Pylori 

Glucosamine for Knee Pain 

Hawthorn Vs. Herpes 

Hawthorn for Heart Disease, Herpes 

Importance of Choline to Health and the Selling of a Nutrient That Reduces It 

Is Milk Calming?

Magnesium and Your Health

Melatonin and Cancer 

Melatonin and Mental Problems

Melatonin For Parkinson's--And Lou Gehrig's Disease?

Melatonin, Good & Bad

Melatonin Results - For Men

Mineral Deficiency Powers Viruses

Natural Food Ingredient Protects the Body

Nutrients Against Heart Disease

Ovarian Cancer and Green Tea

Prebiotics 'As in Chicory] Improved Immune Systems of Stricken Animals

Protecting the Eye with Alternative Medicine

Quercetin, A Remarkable Food Substance

Rating Foods For Health Value

Selenium vs. Cancer

Stopping Tumor Cell Growth With Nutrients 

Strengthening Our Immune Systems Against Disease

Tea as Alternative Medicine for Older Woman to Prevent Heart Trouble

The Amazing Mineral

The Unknown Health Champ 

Vegetarians May Be Short of This, But Supplements Help

Vitamin D: A Vitamin Against Infectious Diseases?

Which Selenium?

You Can Overdo Taking Copper

Zinc and Your Defense System


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