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Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and men's health:A Drug Treatment for Prostate Cancer Increases the Risks of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

A Vitamin for Hair Loss?

Aha! An Herbal Sex Pill. Maybe

Amazing Prostate Discovery

Androstenedione for Middle-Aged Men?

Aphrodisiac Properties Of Tribulus

Circumcision--Yes or No?

Depression May Be Related To Low Folate Level

Foods Vs. Prostate Cancer

Grow Your Own Plant-based "Viagra"!

HRT May Cause Testicular Cancer

Herb Aids Sperm Growth

Herb for Male Sexuality

Licorice Reduces Testosterone in Men

Losing Your Hair 1?

Losing Your Hair 2?

Lowering Men's Mortality Rate

Macular Degeneration, the Whole Story

Male Reproductive Function

Male Urination Problems: BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Natural Prostate Treatments | Natural Enlarged Prostate Treatment

Osteoporosis and Men

Propecia (t.m.) and Proscar (t.m.)(Finasteride) and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Breakthrough?

Prostate Cancer Screening -- A Waste?

Selenium and Male Fertility

Sleeping, Excessive Sleeping, Snoring

Soy Ingredient Increases Male Fertility

Soy Protective Against Prostate Cancer

The Herb MUIRA PUAMA, Effects On Male And Female Physical Performance And More

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction-YOHIMBE ANYONE?

U.S. to Advise Against Routine Prostate Cancer Screening

Vitamin Corrects Aging Defect

Which Training Is Best For Overweight Men?

Yohimbe--A Plant Substitute For Viagra, A Scam, or a Puzzle?

Zinc Vs. Prostate Cancer


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