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Fenugreek, an Herb Against Diabetes also Reduces Cholesterol

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"...In humans, fenugreek seeds exert hypoglycemic effects 'beneficial against diabetes,] by stimulating glucose-dependant insulin secretion from pancreatic... cells...

"Fenugreek seeds also lower serum triglycerides (TC), total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) 'the bad guys]...

"This study 'refers to a clinical analysis of 25 patients] suggests that fenugreek seed extract and diet/exercise may be equally effective strategies for attaining glycemic control in type 2 diabetes 'the scientists noted however that this was a small trial.]...

They referred to another small trial in which fenugreek was compared to a drug, Metformin (t.m.) and found to be superior to it. Again, it was a small and indeed, one without a "control" group. 

Other studies they reported on have similar deficiencies. Although one cannot state definitely that the case for diabetes reduction can be made for fenugreek, the multiplicity of reports seem to be favorable.
It was noted that fenugreek is rich in fibre, which may have contributed to both its anti-diabetes effects and its anti-cholesterol results (also detailed.) The overall report consisted of 25 pages with 43 footnotes (references.) Emphases added.

Fenugreek, an Herb Against Diabetes also Reduces CholesterolFenugreek, an Herb Against Diabetes also Reduces CholesterolFenugreek, an Herb Against Diabetes also Reduces Cholesterol

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