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Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and herbs and spices:

Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and herbs and spices:Alternative Health - Spices

Alternative Medicine and Alternative Health with Herbs 

An Anti-depressant That's Good for You? Ashwagandha

And A New One For Depression, Chromium Picolinate?

Aphrodisiac Properties Of Tribulus

Ashwagandha and Under-active Thyroid

Ashwagandha and CancerScientific and medical articles about alternative health and herbs and spices:

Ashwagandha vs. Aging and Ashwagandha vs. Stress

Ashwagandha as an Anti-Depressant

Ashwagandha, an Anti-Bacterial

Ashwagandha, an herb for Regenerating Nerves and Memory

Ashwagandha, an Anti-Toxicity Herb

Black Cohosh in Alternative Health

Caffeine Prevents Parkinson's and More

Can Herbs Provide Effective Alternative Therapy Against Pylori?

Chinese Herbs for HIV FailScientific and medical articles about alternative health and herbs and spices:

Chlorella for Sun-Damaged Skin

Curcumin Vs. Chemotherapy Damage

Dandruff - What It Is, How It's Being Treated

Dong Quai, A Chinese Wonder Herb

Echinacea For Infections?

Echinacea - Helpful or Not, it's Hard to Get the Real Thing

Fenugreek, an Herb Against Diabetes also Reduces Cholesterol

Garlic Confirmed

Garlic - the Whole Story

Ginkgo Biloba - Dangerous?

Gingko Biloba Flops Against High Blood Pressure

Guarana Herb Alternative Medicine for Mental Alertness

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Herbal Medicines for Anxiety?

Herbal Remedy Rundown - Some Good, Some Not

Herbs For Depression?

Is St. John's Wort For Real?

Lose Weight With Herbs?

Migraine Remedy?

MSM is Hot. Safe? Effective?

Muira Puama and Female Sexuality

Pancreatitis vs. Curcumin

Reports Herb Beats HRT for Menopause

St. John's Wort for Depression?

St. John's Wort - Now You See It, Now You Don't

The Herb MUIRA PUAMA, Effects On Women's Sexuality, Male And Female Physical Performance, Anti-Cancer, Alzheimer's Disease, Memory, And More

The Values of Herbs


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