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Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes Vs. Fish Oils - Fish Oils the Winner

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"Epidemiological 'observing people's living habits] and animal-based investigations have indicated that the development of skin cancer is in part associated with poor dietary practices.... Omega 3 'fish oils].... can effectively reduce (emphasis added) the risk of skin cancer whereas omega 6 fatty acids 'present in common vegetable oils and arachidonic acid 'in chicken, turkey and eggs] reportedly promote risk. "(emphasis added.)

"The results of 'our] study suggests that consumption of n-3 'Omega 3] fatty acids derived from fish may favorably influence 'a reduction in heart disease.]

"We studied the association between fish consumption and prostate cancer in a population-based prospective 'group] of 6272 Swedish men. During 30 years of follow-up, men who ate no fish had a two-fold to three-fold higher frequency of prostate cancer than those who ate moderate or high amounts did." Editor's note: Presumably, fish in a Swedish environment were of the cold-water type, which contain more omega 3 fish oils than warm water fish.

"Dietary n-3 'fish oils] derived from fish may reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac death.... CONCLUSIONS: The positive association between 'fish oils] in platelets and heart rate variability (HRV) may indicate a beneficial effect of 'fish oils] on HRV in patients with type 1 'diabetes.]"

".... certain aspects of blood platelet function, blood coagulability, and 'fibrous] activity associated with cardiovascular risk, are modulated by dietary fatty acids; n-3 'fish oil] strongly inhibits platelet 'clogging]....'and has other beneficial blood activity.]

Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes Vs. Fish Oils - Fish Oils the Winner Biography

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