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Therapy for the Heart: Another failure for conventional treatment

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Homocysteine, a substance created by the mishandling in the blood of the protein, methionine. Its presence has been shown to substantially increase the risk of heart disease.

It has also been shown that a deficiency of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid predispose to high homocysteine levels. So--what to do? Easy. Just feed the patients these vitamins.

Does it work? Alas, no. As Drs. Ebbing, Bleie and Nygard, et. al., concluded in the Journal of the A.M.A., "The trial did not find an effect of treatment with folic acid/vitamin B12 or vitamin B6 on total mortality or cardiovascular events."

Of course! Since B vitamins act synergistically, taking one or more but not all B vitamins causes a deficiency of the others.

Your editor does not know whether or not taking all the B vitamins would be helpful. Certainly taking a multiple vitamin tablet containing all the Bs would seem a sensible thing to do for everybody.

Therapy for the Heart: Another failure for conventional treatment  Bibliography

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