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Heart Disease Reduction by Reducing Salt

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"Across populations, the level of blood pressure, the...rise in blood pressure with age, and the prevalence of 'high blood pressure disease] are directly related to sodium 'salt] intake...

"In the continued absence of voluntary measures adopted by the food industry, new regulations will be required to achieve lower 'salt] concentrations in processed and prepared foods."

Editor's Comment: Whether or not one calls it Alternative Health, reducing salt and in a more concerted effort, adding to your intake of potassium-rich foods (potassium reduces sodium in the body) such as beans, orange juice and coffee should be helpful. Bananas are widely believed to contain much potassium and they are over-rated as an Alternative Health adjunct, though not useless.

Heart Disease Reduction by Reducing Salt Bibliography

Archives of Internal Med., vol. 167, July 23, 2007. By: Drs. Dickinson & Havas, for the Council on Science & Pub. Health, Amer. Med. Assn.

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