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Preventing Death with Fish Oils

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"The therapeutic and preventative benefits of diets enriched in 'omega-3 oils*] on cardiovascular disease (CVD) are well documented ... Recent analyses in 'one such trial involving 11,324 patients] indicated that patients surviving a recent myocardial infarction 'heart attack] had a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular death if their diets were supplemented with 1 gram per day of 'omega-3] oil.

"Additionally, in the Nurses' Health Study '84,688 participants] women without prior CVD had a lower risk of coronary heart disease and nonfatal 'heart attacks] with the intake of fish or 'omega-3 fish oils.]

"A direct link between tissue concentrations of 'omega-3 oils] and CVD risk was the men enrolled in the Physicians' Health Study in which blood concentrations of the 'omega-3 oils] were inversely related to the risk of sudden death among men without prior evidence of CVD." Emphases added.

*As found in Northern, wild (non farm-fed fish) and fish oil capsules.

Preventing Death with Fish Oils Bibliography

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