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Diseases in the Mouth as a Risk Factor for Stroke

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"Methods-- We performed a with 303 patients examined within 7 days after acute 'reduction of blood supply] stroke or transient...attack, 300 population {healthy] controls and 168 patients with other ailments...

"Results-- ...After adjustment for age, sex, number of teeth, vascular risk factors...'etc.] the risk of 'stroke] increased with more severe periodontitis...Subjects with severe periodontitis...had a 4.3-times-higher risk of 'stroke] than subjects with mild or without periodontitis. Severe periodontitis was a risk factor in men but not women and in younger (less than 60 years) but not older subjects...Gingivitis and severe radiologic 'caused by radiation] bone loss were also independently associated with the risk of  'stroke,] whereas 'cavities] were not.

Diseases in the Mouth as a Risk Factor for Stroke Bibliography

Stroke (pub. by Amer. Heart Assn.) vol. 35, 2004. By: Grau, Becher, Ziegler, Lichy, Dorfer, et al., Dept of Neurology, Dept. Tropical Hygiene and Public Health, Clinic for 'Mouth] Surgery, Policlinic for Conservative Dentistry, all of U. of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany.

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