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Walnuts And Coronary Heart Disease

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"Compared to most other nuts, which contain monounsaturated 'fats,] walnuts are unique because they are rich in n-6 'common vegetable oils] and n-3 'fats, as in fish oils.] Walnuts contain multiple health-beneficial components, such as 'favorable protein ratios,] and high levels of arginine 'protein,] folate, fiber, tannins, and polyphenols. Though walnuts are energy rich, clinical dietary intervention studies show that walnut consumption does not cause a net gain in body weight when eaten as a replacement food.

"Five....human clinical walnut intervention trials....consistently demonstrated walnuts as part of a heart-healthy diet, lower blood cholesterol levels."

Walnuts And Coronary Heart Disease Bibliography

The Journal of Nutrition, vol.132, 2002. Dr. E. B. Feldman, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA,

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