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Kids, Campbell's Soup and Heart Disease

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Do Campbell's products promote heart disease--and even more? Let's see. Recent ads include one saying, "Free Stuff for your school" to kids for saving Campbell's labels. There's another offering bargain prices for a "Campbell Kids 'trade mark] Calendar--only $1.99," and "Campbell Bean Bag dolls for $4.99." How about bringing kids up to have a product loaded with salt? The company's Chicken Noodle Soup label reveals that a half cup has 890 milligrams (mg.) of sodium, a whopping 37% of the daily government-suggested intake. Other products include Swanson (by Campbell's) Chicken a la King, a serving having 1,260 mg., 53% of suggested intake. So adults are not left out.  

And some Franco-American (also by Campbell's) cans portray children on their labels, presumably pointing to their intended consumers, with their one-cup serving dealing out 1,020 mgs., a 43% whack! Remember, that these are merely one serving of one dish per day.

Is this so bad?--one could ask. Let's see what medical science has found out about the relationship between salt intake and high blood pressure and more.

"The relation between salt intake and high blood pressure has been widely recognized...," 1

 "A recent study from the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension research group 'DASH] now finds that coupling the original DASH diet with sodium restriction is more effective than previously stated diets' 2

"'Blood vessel lining] dysfunction....may explain the blood pressure increase in response to salt intake," 3

"Salt and cardiovascular disease: not just hypertension,' 4

"Cutting Salt Better Than Exercise at Controlling Blood Pressure," 5

"....meals given by mass catering institutions 'including schools] can increase the risk of hypertension, strokes and gastric cancer because of high sodium chloride content,' 6 Emphasis added.]

Not to avoid the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine which headlined "Subtle acquired renal 'kidney] injury as a mechanism of salt-sensitive hypertension." 7

Of course, hypertension and kidney disease may not show up in children until a later age as it's damage builds over time. "Almost 50% of essential hypertension is salt-sensitive, this characteristic increases and becomes more prevalent with age and is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular and 'kidney] complications." 8

So, does Campbell's soup increase the risk of high blood pressure and kidney disease among its child customers? Could be. And, to be cautious, one could say--so hold the salt already!

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The list of medical journals cautioning about high salt intake is long. Others include; Journal of The American College of Nutrition, Hypertension 'journal,] Chinese Medical Journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, etc., etc.

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