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Heart Disease

Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and heart disease:

Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and heart disease:A Common Vitamin Deficiency That May Damage the Heart

A Dangerous Blood Clot In The Veins -- What To Do?

A Food For Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Allergies and Irregular Heartbeat. Really?

A Food To Lower Cholesterol

Alpha-Lipoic & The Heart Muscle

Alternative Medicine--Grapefruit and High Blood Pressure

Amazing Benefits of Berries

Anti-Depressant Drug Induced Heart Failure

Are Statins Dangerous?

Artery & Stroke Protection

Aspirin Vs. Other Drugs

Aspirin Proven Again to Prevent Atherosclerosis--Vitamin E Questionable

Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes Vs. Fish Oils

Chocolate For The Heart?

Cholesterol and Health

Cholesterol: The Good-The Bad-The Ugly

CORTICOSTEROIDS (like Cortisone and Prednisone) and the Risk of IRREGULAR HEARTBEAT

Cranberries for Heart Disease?

Diseases in the mouth as a Risk Factor for Stroke

Do You Make These 5 Common Errors About Your Heart?

Endurance vs. Resistance Training Effects on The Heart

Feds Call Colloidial Silver A Scam

Foods Shown to be as Effective as Statin Drugs in Lowering Bad Cholesterol

Fruits Compared For Health Value

Green Tea vs. Heart Disease

Hawthorn & Heart Disease

Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases (Cardiovascular) and Lipoic Acid

Heart Disease Reduction by Reducing Salt

Heart Failure Risk Reduction--A Natural Approach.

High Blood Pressure &  Diabetes  vs. Alpha Lipoic

High Blood Pressure and Reduced Salt Intake--Drugs or No Drugs?

High Blood Pressure Medications

High Calcium Increases Risk For Heart Disease

How Hearts Fail

How We Get Sick And How Not To Get Sick

Influenza Vaccinations Against Stroke?

Iron and Heart Disease

Is an Afternoon Siesta Beneficial to the Heart?

Is Moderate Drinking Good For You?

Kids, Campbell's Soup and Heart Disease

Life-style Changes to Lower Blood Pressure

Low Salt, High Fruit Diet Reduces Blood Pressure

Milk Reduces Blood Pressure and Reduces Stroke Risk

Nutrients Against Heart Disease

Oh, That Vitamin E! But There's a Better Form Against Heart Disease

Peanuts Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Preventing A Stroke--Vitamin B6

Preventing Death with Fish Oils

Sodium and Potassium Health Effects

Stroke vs. Protective Foods

Tea as Alternative Medicine for Older Woman to Prevent Heart Trouble

Tea vs. Heart Disease

Therapy for the Heart: Another failure for conventional treatment

Vitamin C Helps Smokers

Vitamin D, the Natural Alternative Medicine

Vitamins Against Stroke

Walnuts & Coronary Heart Disease

Why Hearts Fail After Surgery

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