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Restless Leg Syndrome & Eating Late

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"We investigated the prevalence of nocturnal eating...night eating syndrome in patients with restless legs syndrome (RLS). One hundred RLS patients living in...(Northern Italy) and 100 matched controls randomly selected from the general population...

[Conclusion] "We demonstrated an association between RLS and SRED [sleep-related eating disorder]."

So, alternative medicine and even conventional medicine would seem to indicate that restless leg syndrome may be alleviated or cured by a reduction in late eating.

Restless Leg Syndrome & Eating Late Bibliography

Movement Disorders, 2009, vol. 24. By: Drs. Provini, Antelmi, Montagna, et al., Dept. of Neurological Sciences, U. of Bologna, Via Ugo Foscolo 7, Bologna, Italy.

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