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Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and cancer:

Scientific and medical articles about alternative health and cancer:A Drug Treatment for Prostate Cancer Increases Risks of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

A Food That May Reduce Incidence of Breast Cancer and Degenerative Diseases plus Neutralize Carcinogens--Really? All that?

A Food to Suppress Cancer and Arthritis?

A Food With Anti-Cancer Properties

A Natural Cancer Inhibitor--Does It Taste Good?

A New Path for Treating Cancer?

A Promising Cancer Treatment?

Alzheimer's & Cancer Vs. Green Tea

Amazing Benefits of Berries

An Anti-Tumor Substance in a Natural Setting, and You Can Get it in a Pill!

Ashwagandha and Cancer

Aspirin Against Cancer

Aspirin Reduces Melanoma Risk

Avocados Against  Prostate Cancer and Cataracts

Avocados and Cancer

Avocados for Eye Protection and against Cancer

Big News--New Prostate Cancer Drug Does Not Cause Cancer!

Breast Cancer and Green Tea

Breast Cancer--Grapes Beat Out Drug

Broccoli vs. Prostate Cancer

Bromelain for Cancer?

Cancer, Heart Disease & Diabetes Vs. Fish Oils

Cancer--How We Get It--How Not to Get it

Cancer's Secret?

CLA Inhibits Cancer

Coffee Reduces Liver Cancer Risk

Coffee, Tea, Caffeine and Breast Cancer--Not to Worry

Conclusive Study Say Eating Fats Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer

Copper and Tumor Prevention

Daily Aspirin Reduces Risk of Death Due to Cancer

Dental X-rays Associated With Meningioma (Brain Tumors) In Study

Depression Reduced in Breast Cancer Fear Group

Doctors Opposed to Food for Health

Fish Against Cancer

Fish Oils and Cancer Risk

Foods Against Breast Cancer 

Foods Against Colon Cancer

Fruits Compared For Health Value

Green Tea is Helpful Against Cancer, Pepper May Make it Better

Green Tea May Prevent Cancer

He Found It Stops Cancer in Animals

Herbs to Prevent Breast Cancer, Heart Disease and Menopausal Symptoms

How Dietary Antioxidants Prevent Cancer  - Part 2

How We Get Sick And How Not To Get Sick

Is Breast Cancer in Your Genes?

L-Carnitine Inhibits Liver Cancer

Low Blood Levels of VITAMIN D Predict Fatal Cancer

Melatonin for Cancer?

New Cancer Discovery

New Drug May Extend Breast Cancer Treatment after Tamoxifen

Ovarian Cancer and Green Tea

Pineapples for Cancer?

Post-Menopausal Women Reduce Breast Cancer Risk With Exercise

Powerful Aspirin Derivative for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

Preventing Breast Cancer

Preventing Cancer and Cancer Growth

Preventing Cancer--More Alcohol or Less?

Preventing Prostate Cancer

Propecia (t.m.) and  Proscar (t.m.) (Finasteride) and Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer and Alcohol.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer vs. Selenium

Prostate Size Reduction by Maca Herb

Reducing Breast Cancer Risk By Exercising

Selenium vs. Cancer

Shark Cartilage

Skin Cancer and Indoor Tanning

Soy Vs. Prostate Cancer

Strengthening The Body Naturally Against Cancer

The Herb Muira Puama: Anti-Cancer And More

The Role of Free Radicals in Causing Cancer - Part 1

The Secret Cancer Fighter

Treating Prostate Cancer

UNBELIEVABLE! BUT TRUE: Alternative Health--stimulating growth of stem cells with nutrients. 

Vitamin D, the Natural Alternative Medicine

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