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Johnson & Johnson's drug for rheumatoid arthritis, Remicade, is Risky

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Johnson & Johnson's drug for rheumatoid arthritis Remicade is riskyHOT NEWS!
Friday, October 8, 2004

News out today that Johnson & Johnson's drug for rheumatoid arthritis, Remicade™ increases the risk by 3 times of reducing blood platelets (dangerous.) Abbott & Amgen make drugs in the same class. It is unclear yet whether these also increase risk.

HOWEVER, as is often the case, a food does the same thing as these drugs (reduces the villain in the body, TNFa) without the elevated risk.

The food is green tea. Those readers who intend taking green tea should write us to discuss it. Please click here to message us.

TNFa, tumor necrosis factor, is a highly inflammatory chemical* in the body. It also plays a part in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Drug companies world-wide are trying to develop drugs to reduce TNF. They don't make anything on green tea.

*Also called a cytokine.


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